streaming schedule change up

i've been doing a lot of thinking since I started getting contract work again. it's really important to me that I can keep a consistent streaming schedule - so you guys can rely on knowing exactly when to tune in every week - that i can also maintain, even when day jobs pop up!

last week was an absolute dream! i was on set for two full days working on an awesome pc gaming vr piece for polygon (keep your eyes peeled here as i will be sure to let you guys know when that's planning on going up). i also got to guest host the attack again, which, is always a blast because the whole team is extremely fun to work with. not to mention, that out of the buttfartin' blue, i was asked to be on the national morning news to talk pokemon go - which i still can't even believe to be honest!

because of how crazy last week was, it was incredibly difficult for me to stream 3 days in a row, which made me sad. I MISSED YOU GUYS! so, going forward I'd like to start getting on a monday, wednesday, friday schedule - this way I have a day in between to prepare and announce the following strums! i'll be sure to update my twitch schedule this weekend as stated.

in the meanwhile, i'm working towards figuring out the best way to stream pokemon go. i've been tinkering with the idea for days now and made a very special overlay just for the occasion; so keep your fingers (and toes) crossed that i can get that up and running by this monday!

love you guys. thanks for understanding the change up! hoping that this will be the last time i adjust the schedule. ;)